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We Are Passionate About Philanthropy

Impact Philanthropy Group (IPG) is a charitable, public benefit organization that provides a cost-effective method to help manage and grow the philanthropic efforts of athletes, celebrities, influencers and businesses alike. We offer our clients the highest degree of integrity, flexibility, and best practices to establish and support your public benefit project. We provide fiscal management, hassle-free back office administrative services, and expert nonprofit and philanthropy consulting services so you can focus on more important tasks.  

IPG was founded by a diverse team of passionate people who are fortunate to work together with a dynamic group of clients to make a difference in local communities and around the world. Whether our client's projects have been in existence for multiple years or just starting, IPG's team goes the extra mile to help your projects receive more recognition for funding opportunities as well as best practices and strategies to help you succeed.

Our clients rely on our deep knowledge of the nonprofit industry to help support their charitable and philanthropic efforts. Through years of supporting a multitude of nonprofit projects, we are very confident in our experience and are experts in the nonprofit industry. From strategic planning - to facilitating fundraising events and ideas - to establishing successful grant programs and more, IPG's team is here to support all of your nonprofit and philanthropy goals.  

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