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The Administration and Back Office Management of your program may be better suited in a partnership structure with IPG. Your public benefit mission is tied to its day-to-day operations and depending on your organization’s size and budget, it may be more cost-effective and efficient to outsource these services so you can focus more 

on areas of need.

Administration & Back Office Management

The work of a nonprofit manager is to oversee nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations. Managers typically focus on funding and managing service programs, and are always in need of Administration and Back Office support.


At IPG, we are service-oriented consultants who are dedicated to making the world a better place by advancing a specific cause. As your administrative support and project managers, we can take charge of the financial and operational responsibilities of your organization.


From responding to online inquiries through your website, to scheduling meetings and conferences, to event planning support and oversight, to managing your consultants and HR duties, we offer specialized services to fit your needs. 


Contact Us.

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