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As much as our team of consultants and advisers would like to believe         we choose to work in the nonprofit industry, the truth is,              it chose us

Each and every one of our expert advisers represents the spirit of IPG:

Driven, Committed, and Passionate About the Work That We Do!

We are here to help you make a difference in the world and truly believe that we are not successful unless you are!          

It's really that simple!


Our Diverse Team of Philanthropy Consultants & Advisers

Charisse Browner CEO/Sr. Adviser

CEO / Sr. Adviser

Charisse has more than 28 years of experience in the nonprofit and entertainment industry. She is driven to help clients create, brand, and execute best-in-class public benefit projects and programs.  She has managed charitable programs for the NFLPA, The Players Trust, Power 106FM, and for a number of high profile companies, athletes, celebrities and influencers alike.

John Barry

CFO/COO/Sr. Adviser

COO / CFO / Sr. Adviser

John is a seasoned CPA with extensive experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. He began his career at KPMG, and has worked in senior financial roles at several prestigious entertainment companies. Driven to make a difference in the world, he redirected his career to utilize his talents and kills in the nonprofit industry.

Clark Simon

Director/Sr. Adviser

Director / Sr. Adviser

Clark is experienced in nonprofit development and management, public relations, CRM systems, event planning and social media strategic planning. His talents and skills help propel client initiatives to a higher level of success. He also worked in Columbus, Ohio and was a member of the Development Board for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Lee Hayes


Sr. Adviser

Grant Specialist / Sr. Adviser

Lee is a seasoned public relations practitioner with more than 19 years of in-house PR and communications agency experience. He is highly skilled at developing and executing strategic marketing  communications plans for corporations, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

He has developed award-winning marketing communications campaigns for both private companies and public sector organizations.

Diedra Perry

Government Grants Specialist

Grant Specialist / Sr. Adviser

Diedra is a seasoned grants specialist specializing in researching, analyzing and writing government grant responses. She has a keen knowledge of the nonprofit industry and helps clients respond to Request For Proposals (RFP's) and other more intricate and detailed grant opportunities. Her expertise has garnered tens of millions in awarded government and public grants for charities.