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Why Donate To Charity?

It's pretty simple - to be part of something bigger!!


According to Family Today, "donating a little bit of money or time may not seem like much. But if your donation is joined with others, it becomes something much bigger."


It can also make you "feel rich!"


Giving to others increases your capacity for love. It makes you realize that even if you don't have much, you have enough to share with others. Donating used clothes to a shelter, new shoes to foster kids, or money to a worthy organization will make you feel rich. You can also donate vehicles, stock, jewelry, real estate, even patents to a charity!


It can give you a tax deduction!


In the United States, the money you donate to charity can be taken as a deduction on your tax return. Although this isn't the main reason to support a charity, it is a nice bonus. 


To donate to one of our projects, click here.  


To support our on-going pro-bono work, click here.

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