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Our team of nonprofit experts are here to help with all of your philanthropy and charity service needs.

Charitable Giving Plans

Strategic charitable giving and legacy-building plans, program design, and budget preparation.

Cause-Marketing & Sponsorships

We help with procurement of cause-marketing partnerships and sponsorship strategies.

Program Management & Administration

Day-to-day management and administration for foundations, public benefit projects, campaigns and initiatives, and more.

Scholarship & Grant Management 

Design, facilitate, and manage your grantmaking and scholarship programs.

Event Oversight & Support

Event oversite, planning, execution, management and team support are just a few of our services.

Fiscal Services & Bookkeeping

Financial record-keeping, bookkeeping, budget services, and fiscal support.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Create, implement, and manage a sustainable social responsibility program for businesses and corporations.

Employee Assistance Fund / WPG / VTO

Create an employee assistance program (EAP) for employees and their immediate family members, a robust workplace giving (WPG), or volunteer time off (VTO) program.

 You are unique and so are your philanthropy ideals and goals. 

That is why we customize our philanthropy consulting services to meet your project's needs and desired outcomes in mind.

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